Tuesday, 6 September 2011

9-6-11 Photo of the Day

This guy is on a mission... he was moving quickly and I didn't have time to change my settings, I knew the shutter was going to be way too slow to freeze him so I panned and was lucky to get his face in focus.  This was shot at F9 at 20th of a second at ISO320.


  1. Good Panning. You were lucky to get a focused face at 20th. Works well though. His body movement gives him that hurrying look. I really like the dark suit and hat against the mid grey shifting background.

    This is an excellent image.

  2. Hey Bill,
    The reason why his face is in focus and not his body is because the light was on his face and that is where I metered ...

    Thanks Bill

  3. Really nice Gerry, you seem to have a knack for getting the face in focus like that! Great background too.

  4. Thanks Mike, the reason why the face is in focus is because I always focus on the eyes, and if they are in focus then the image will work. Plus a key note is to always know where your focus point is on the camera. I tend to move my focus point around a lot so my subject can be positioned either on the left side or right side of the frame ...