Thursday, 15 September 2011

9-16-11 Photo of the Day

Day at the races ...  When I saw that older lady in a wheelchair I waited till she got close to the little boy in the stroller then took the shot.  I wanted it to look like a drag race... it seems like the older lady is winning by a cane =)


  1. Great shot Gerry, The boy's exuberance against the old lady's apparent indifference is striking. It's also interesting how you choose to use relatively smoother, softer tones in most of your images, which is a nice style too.

  2. Nice one, Gerry. The boy and his mom (I guess) seem very happy and energetic in comparison to the older women and the lady pushing her. The boy also looks like he's a bit too big for the stroller. Maybe that's part of the fun. Did you see... did he take the seat from a younger sibling?

  3. I love this and I like your title too!