Monday, 12 September 2011

9-13-11 Photo of the Day

What I find interesting about this shot is, the level of clothing people are wearing.  You got t-shirt and sort of shorts to a winter jacket on the left side of the frame. Then you have my main subject who is dressed for fall, and this was taken in the middle of summer about a month ago.  What caught my eye was his bike to be honest ... This was taken at the Liverpool train station in London.


  1. Nice old bike. Or is that a retro design. Reminds me of an old postmans mike. His attire could either be very cool or very unsuitable. I suppose English weather is quite confusing for choosing what to wear.

  2. Very evocative, I don't know if they make announcements in these train stations, but I can hear the loudspeakers, like a scene in a movie ("Intercity train 416 departing for Liverpool on track 9..." - that sort of thing) Nice.