Friday, 2 September 2011

9-2-11 photo of the Day

Not much to say about this...  have a great weekend


  1. Lovely. Vast empty space and a solitary soul ambling up a atairway. Reminds me of Edward Hopper...Great shot :-)

  2. Awesome, awesome shot. I am alone in that tunnel, and that person is my last hope for rescue. Can I get her attention in time?

    The image evokes such strong emotions! In my top Gerry 10.

  3. We have all walked through these inner city tunnels. (I want to say 'subway' because in UK that is a 'subway', but in US a 'subway' is for trains, which is 'the underground' in UK, which is a secret military force in many countries.... LOL.. I could go on forever)

    Anyway... great shot, dark and slightly scary. Nicely composed to one side.

  4. Hey Bill, I didn't know these walkways were called subways, very good to know thanks.