Saturday, 3 September 2011

9-3-11 Photo of the Day

Hey everyone.... I am going to start posting on Sat and Sunday as well and see how that goes.  This shot was taken on Friday, she is doing a remarkable job at apply makeup while the tube is running.  Now when I was living in Washington DC, and I drove to work, I would see women apply makeup while they drove on the GW Parkway... which if any of you have ever driven the parkway it's a mad house during rush hour traffic.  Im sure a few fender benders were caused by these makeup ladies.  

PS I waited for the tube to stop before I took this shot.


  1. Hey S.C. it is and its amazing how she didn't poke her eye out with that thing =) and Welcome to my blog.....

  2. Yay weekends! Glad to have some company around here :-)

    Nice shot. A little heavy on the eyelashes there, or is that they style now? Oh wait - 9 3/4 - she's going to Hogwarts!!! Even cooler.

  3. Hey Mike,

    Yes its really heavy on the eyelash thing and great reference to Harry Potter =) I was wondering about that 9 3/4 hummm

  4. Nice shot... it always amazes me how women do their makeup in absolutely any place they choose. It must be a skill they learn from teenager to commuter. Nice B&W as ever.

  5. Great shot! It always amazes me too how women do their make-up on the bus, tube or train. Whenever I've tried it, I've always ended up stabbing myself in the eye or with eyeliner halfway up my forehead!