Sunday, 4 September 2011

9-4-11 Photo of the Day

They look like a fun couple!!!  It seems like for no reason they bought these really different hats and decided to wear them in public.  Was it a bet they lost? Did they just come from watching the Lion King? Did they drink too much during lunch who knows... But I do admire the fact that they have guts to wear those hats in public.  Good for them =)


  1. And you have the guts to shoot them. Future antropologists are thankfull for this kind of urban photography. We also. Thanks

  2. Love it. There's an obvious animal theme going there, with the subjects hats & the t-shirts, and as a bonus the Puma t-shirt adds a little subtle irony to it :-)

  3. In London, I've seen every hat imaginable. They have been somewhere interesting... only they know.