Saturday, 25 February 2012

2-25-12 Photo of the Day

my last of the Milan photos, the first one is of an older lady sitting in the trolly car, Im outside shooting in, the third shot is of police officers getting together for a protest that is happening a few yards away ... I didn't want to photograph the protest so I just took photos of the cops and the last image, I love the expressions on both of there faces... and Ouch the poor kid looks like he is in pain.   See you all on Monday


  1. Nice ones Gerry. It shows us that Milan looks like every other big town in the world.

  2. Really strong portfolio of street photographs. Wonderful character study of the woman on the trolly as well as being dramatically lit & composed. Good eye for the moment in all these.

  3. I just found your blog and LOVE your BW images. I too love s treet photography. I will be back to visit.

  4. Hey S.C your comment really made me laugh thanks, Milan is a pretty city but I tend to focus on people and not the surroundings so its my fault why it looks like any big city...

    Thanks George I love taking photos of people but I find people sometimes dont like having there photos taken and I get those kinds of looks which I think make my photos richer. Thanks again

    Welcome Virginia I hope you keep coming back I normally post one photo a day but being that I was in Milan I wanted to load all those photos at one time or in one week. I look forward to your comments

  5. Gerry were you too sexy for Milan!! LOL great shots!