Tuesday, 21 February 2012

2-21-12 Photo of the Day

Here are three images that I took while in Milan, I know they could have been taken just about anywhere, but I found Milan to be really plain plus it was cold as all get out.  I barely look more then four hundred images in seven days and for me that is nothing I can take that much in one day.  I was not motivated for some reason. I did like the trolly cars so I have a lot of photos of them and you will see them in the next week. I also went to Venice and those images I left in color so you may like them more.  


  1. Capturing scenes of a city, especially when it's cold out and the subject matter isn't all that inspiring can be difficult. Great job, Gerry, of overcoming those obstacles to give us a flavor of where you were.

  2. I love the action in the first shot with the kid and the pigeons. You did a great job of showing just how all over you those pigeons can be down at the Duomo. I also like the stroller shot. You made a very drab city look almost pretty - I like the way the streetlights line the road with the trams is just cool. The tram car driver in the last shot sure does look serious - love the way you used shadows to give it that effect! Nice job, Ger!