Monday, 13 February 2012

2-13-12 Photo of the Day

Sorry for not posting images this week, I'm currently on travel and I planned even though I planned ahead and put seven images on a thumb drive, I managed to lose that thumb drive so now I can't post images.  I hope to start posting again on Saturday Feb 18th.  I'm in Milan Italy which has been super cold and gray skies ... just like London lol.   I hope to get a few good images so far not much luck.  I went to Venice on Sunday but with snow and wind it proved to be hard to get those great images I was thinking I was going to get.  I came on this travel with one camera my Nikon D300 a 24-85 2.8-4 lens and no computer.  I wanted to just consintrate on photography and not worry about working on the images when I got back to the hotel room.  I think if I had my computer I could have viewed my images and posted at least one or two...

Sorry again for no photo but please come back on Sat and I will have a few up

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