Tuesday, 30 August 2011

8-31-11 Photo of the Day

I am starting to get comfortable asking people to let me take a quick street portrait of them... and to my surprise most of the time they say yes.  My next step is to bring along a portable light.....


  1. I have no idea .... I saw him as I was crossing the street... asked him if he minded me taking a quick photo, he didn't mind ... we walked to the side of the building I took one quick shot, gave him my card and that was it. If he emails me I will ask him....

  2. Nice shot, got some ray bans and a nice mohawk (again) going there :-). Nice texture in the guy's face & chest as well.

  3. Thanks Mike, He was the first of the two mohawk guys I photographed. After I saw this shot, I realized I should have asked him to turn his head a little so you could see the Mohawk. On Sunday when I saw the other Mohawk guy, thats what I did. I learned from my mistake =)