Tuesday, 30 August 2011

8-30-11 Photo of the Day

The annual Notting Hill Festival is a blast to experience.  This was the second time I went and I recommend it to anyone who is going to be in the London area during the last weekend of Aug. I wanted to show the many different faces of this festival.  I also wanted to try something new, which was use a flash on a sync cord... Bruce Gilden Im not but it was fun to try out.  If you look at the eyes you can see the catch light and position I was holding the light.


  1. Awesome series, dude! I love the contrast of the guy in the grey suit with the white rowhouses behind him, and lady in the white cardigan against the amazing color/personality of the rest of the pics.

  2. (Bad thing about blogger - I start writing and then I want to look more closely at an image to see a detail, but when I click on the image I lose everything I just wrote - grrrr...This is my third attempt at posting a comment :-)

    Anyway, what a splendid crowd. Some of these are just nice shots where the flash effect is barely noticeable, like the guy in the white suit and the Mohawk dude (except for the reflection in his shades/eyes I might not have know you used flash). The woman in flames (2nd pic) is quite intriguing.

    I think one of the best uses of the "effect" is in the next-to-last shot of the guy with a beer in his hands.

    Looks like a fun festival!

  3. Thanks guys, I had a lot of fun and using the flash was an attempt to get different shots from last year, plus I think my style has changed a little which is something I was going for.

    Sharon, you need to plan on another trip and be here during that time period you would love it.

    Mike festivals are the best places to go out and take people shots... You have some great festivals in NYC, the Feast of St Anthony and the feast of St Gennaro both awesome ... plus not sure if they are still doing the taste of NY ...

  4. Love the color and the people - Gerry

  5. Ive been away a few days, and have just got back to look at everyones updates. You've left a feast of photography here, Gerry. I went to Notts Hill Carnival several years ago, without a camera. It certainly must be great for photography, especially as everyone 'wants' to be part of the action. A whole lot of posing to be captured... and some interesting (and attractive) public.

    All nice shots here. Good use of flash.

  6. Hey Bill,

    There is a lot of posing, but I was trying to get a more natural look, and lots of very attractive people, which makes it fun to photograph.

  7. Love the variety of pics, Gerry. Great color and light also. Nice to get such a mix of characters in one location! Sorry I wasn't in London to join you! Looks like a fun day.