Tuesday, 23 August 2011

8-23-11 Photo of the Day

 I was walking down Finchley Road with my daughter and I spotted this little guy with his dog. I made four images, this was the first... he looked up for the final two but I liked this look, I would have liked the background to be empty but it was a busy morning and I wasn't going to get it.


  1. Nice! You captured him in a perfect pose. I like that the boy and the dog are both looking at you, and how he's holding the tennis ball is a nice little detail. He looks a little sad, very touching image...

    (Did I get the Zack Arias idea from you? Can't remember any more...)

  2. I love Zack Arias he is an awesome photographer... what idea is that =) Thanks the moment I saw the little boy I knew I was going to have a keeper. His dogs name is rufus ... cute little kid. I had my daughter with me, which is the reason why I took the shot other wise I wouldn't have taken it.

  3. Great catch, Gerry. Both these little guys have such personality. Can't tell if they are tired after playing fetch or waiting for a parent to go with them to play.

  4. I just meant the idea of checking out his work. I "discovered" him a few weeks ago, and don't remember if I got his name from you or from some other source. Then I noticed him in your sidebar today.

    It's funny, because I was going to send you a link to his recent commentary on street photography and his struggles "with the emotions that I am part voyeur and part thief." :-)

  5. How are you doing Mike? Are you out photographing people walking around town? This is great time to be out =)

  6. I'm good Gerry! Keep pushing me, eventually I'll overcome that struggle Zack Arias is talking about. In the meantime it's buildings/structures and nature and other non-human subjects, for the most part :-) I

    was out with my kids earlier, siesta time for a while, then back out. It's about 4:30 PM here, your blogger time stamp seems a little off...

  7. I was wondering about the earthquake ... but its good to know you are okay.

    Your non-people shots are beautiful ... that could be your thing. I have always photographed people so for me its hard to photograph non-people photos.

  8. Thanks again Gerry, you're a natural with people and I've seen a few of your other (non-people) shots from way back that are just a nice...

    The "quake" was pretty much a nothing event here - I heard a door shaking just as we were coming in from our bike ride and asked my son why he was rattling the door - he wasn't and didn't even notice it. Otherwise I didn't actually feel anything at all.

    Hope things have calmed down in your city...

  9. Thanks Mike,

    Things here are back to normal but in a years time I can see things going to hell again, with the Olympics coming to town.

    Good to hear that you and the family are good =)