Tuesday, 31 January 2012

2-1-12 Photo of the Day

I had reservations on putting this up because the guy with the ladder isn't in focus but what I like about the image is that he is in the same pose as the poster next to him, and she is in focus =) Anyway have a great day everyone and sorry for the sporadic postings.


  1. Nice parallels, love the light & shadow. Subject-wise, the juxtaposition of the casual shoppers and the construction worker in hard hat nonchalantly carrying a ladder along an apparently ritzy street grabs your attention.

  2. i like how you manage to find the special-ness of just everyday stuff!

  3. Thanks guys for your input ... This is a fun photo and Mike you are right this is a nice high street, which in the UK is the main shopping area. and Tanya thanks I try to get the everyday stuff and show how neat it does look ....