Monday, 2 January 2012

1-3-12 Photo of the Day

I shot this in the Camden area, not sure the name of the street, I was on a photo walk with a friend..The weather has been wonderful in London this year as you can tell by the lack of thick coats in the photo.  Last December it was bitterly cold !!!!


  1. The last two winters in UK were really snowy and freezing. This year has been really nice, although it is February which usually gets our hats and scarfs on.

    Nice wide street shot. I like the old girl's face. She looks content.

  2. Nice shot Gerry. I'm curious if that's a bus stop or just benches outside a cafe or something? Either way, nice that there are opportunities to take a load off on the street like that.

  3. Thanks Guys, She does have a cool look to her...
    Mike, Its a pub bench she is sitting at... the bus stops do have benches as well but they are covered like the ones in NYC. I have seen a few pubs with these benches ... in the summer it appears that most people do there drinking outside the pub.. enjoying the weather I guess.

  4. This adorable little "babuska" looks like she is either deep in thought or just got busted people watching by you! =) Nice shot, Ger!