Monday, 21 November 2011

11-21-11 Photo of the Day

I shot this off of Finchely road a week ago, I wanted to capture this guy next to the tree thinking I could get a better shot.... I wish I would have framed him more to the right of the frame.... oh time. 


  1. Of course the words on the paper have nothing to do with the guy but in your head you still make the combination. Really great shot and thanks for showing.

  2. Nice shot... Looks very damp and autumnal now. People are starting to look cold.

    Its sometimes hard to get them (the public) in exactly the right spot. Sometimes I try to get 2 or 3 (all prefocused), and hope that if the main shot doesn't work, I have some second possibilities.

  3. Yep, planned or not it adds to the image, puts it is some historical context.

    Strange coincidence that we both have some guy in front of the trunk of a tree today :-)

  4. Thanks guys.... Mike your shot is so much better... and for people that want to see MIkes shot go to Photographing Trivialities blog look at the right side of my blog to see other peoples blog... Like Bill's and Cheryls.