Monday, 5 March 2012

3-5-12 Photo of the Day

Good Morning everyone, I hope we all had a good weekend. Todays photo was taken on Friday on my commute home, its another panning photo. This was a busy weekend so didn't get a chance to go out and shoot. Sunday started off raining then it got really cold and continued to rain so the Ricoh didn't get pulled out.  I need to get a little more ballsy and start putting the Ricoh in peoples faces, plus Im still trying to figure out how to best use the Ricoh.


  1. this is a perfect photo for a busy monday morning! we got snow today here in va!

  2. Great shot. I like how you kept that one guy in focus with all the movement. Snappy Square Crop too!

  3. Just take it out, it's so small that people don't care. I've not had any negative reactions and I get really close! My friend went shooting with me the other day and marveled that I didn't get punched in the face... Maybe it's cos I'm a woman and not v big.

  4. Ismall in photography being a woman is golden all you have to do is smile and walk away... but you are right i need to be bold with my GRD...

    Hey Bill thanks and I like the Square crop too =)

    Tanya sorry to hear it snowed in VA... its starting to get warm here in London which is awesome