Tuesday, 13 March 2012

3-14-12 Photo of the Day

Shot on Sunday by Queens Market using my trusty Nikon D300 =) I love the Ricoh but I love using my Nikon even more....  Queens Market is open seven days a week with Friday and Saturday being the busiest... more market shots to come later.


  1. I must admit. It takes time to get used to look at an lcd instead of looking to a finder and keep the camera from your face. It also makes the risk of movement greater but that is a bit compensated by less weight. But for serious architectural work I still use my d7000 .

  2. Nice shot... You get more serious control with the Nikon. I still use mine all the time of course. The Ricoh gives you a different style of photography. Different cameras for different days!

    (different horses for differenr courses)