Monday, 25 July 2011

7-25-11 Photo of the Day

I love making images like this... the guy is on the phone but it looks like he is posing like the little girl in the   photo.   The image was taken in Brighton on Sat. I wish I would have taken note as to who shot the photo of the little girl.


  1. Nice pic! Great timing to get the guy posing in mirror to the poster print photo. It also works well in B&W

  2. Thanks CC its one of those photos that I keep in the back of my head but I don't actively look for it. That way Im not missing everything else to find it but when I come across it, it pops out at me. Does that make any sense?

  3. I agree - I love the mirror image in it but what kills me is that I did walk right by it... proof is in the picture! =) Great eye, Ger!