Monday, 18 July 2011

7-18-11 Photo of the Day

Shot on Oxford St. I was hoping to get a shot of him looking at people walking by, but instead he heard my shutter and turned and looked at me.  I took this shot and kept walking... not what I really wanted but not too bad either.


  1. No offense, but with all the advancements in digital photography, they haven't come up with a way to make those damn shutters any quieter? Now most of them beep loudly one to three times, AND then you hear the shutter. I mean, I get it... fast-moving parts...yadayadayada. It's one thing to screw up my shot with your damn flash, but screw with my audio, too? Think about all the candid pics you could get of people if you could actually snap off your shots surreptitiously. (and p.s. you've gotten some nice stuff since the last time I logged in here to leave a snarky comment. Great job.)

  2. No offense taken, =) with most if not all point and shoot cameras you can eliminate the electronic shutter sound, but I am using an DSLR and what you hear is the mirror going up and then back down to allow the sensor to capture the scene. There is nothing I can do about the sound... other then switch camera systems ( like a rangefinder ) and that is expensive. Im glad you like the photos, and thanks for the comment. Cheers